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About us

Our story starts when our Founder and CEO moved to the UK. The first thing on his to-do list was to open a bank account, so that he could receive his salary, rent a place to stay, set up his utility bills and manage his day-to-day spendings. The task was anything but simple. To open a bank account he needed proof of his address, local credit history, utility bills and countless other documents – but he couldn’t get any of these without having a bank account

After being stuck in this frustrating loop, he vowed to fix it so that no one would ever have to go through the same painful experience again.
He came up with the idea for MaxtelFx Bank : an account that’s not just for those with perfect credit scores or the right set of utility bills. An account you can open instantly and use on your mobile, so you don’t lose access to your money every time you cross a border on a map.

Main Location at Poland with branches in UK, Turkey and South Africa.

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